High-performance, low-power AFE components

Silicon-proven down to 0.6 volts Analog Filter and PGA

Lowest power-performance ratio ADCs*

*Against in-class ADCs
The result is Seamless

Seamless Devices offers a complete family of Analog Front-End (AFE) solutions to enhance the effectiveness of LTE, WiFi and microwave applications.

With our patented switched-mode operational amplifier (SMOA) design, we’ve built a portfolio of products that provide you with the flexibility to support a range of power-performance requirements.

Seamless Devices Analog Blocks


The Seamless Devices family of AFE solutions provides flexibility to support a range of power-performance requirements, and provide high-dynamic range to maintain signal fidelity.

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Read more about our Switched-Mode Operational Amplifiers, a new class of feedback amplifiers that demonstrate significant improvement over other state-of-the-art low voltage amplifiers.

Read more about Seamless Devices’ Switched-Mode Signal Processing technology and how it provides a “seamless” approach to amplify, replicate and digitally convert analog signals and provide high dynamic range.

Review our Analog-Digital Converters, Analog Filter, and Programmable Gain Amplifier, and request product data sheets.